All about Yves

Yves Le Juen is a Conference Interpreter, Translator and French Voice.

As a Conference Interpreter, Yves specializes in Diplomatic and International Relations; Trades Unions; Psychological Medicine and Psychoanalytical themes. He is engaged mostly in simultanĂ©e en cabine.   For Conference Interpreting, he is a Qualified Member and Fellow (FITI) of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, U.K. 

What is his usual workload?

.Conference LSPs
.Classic Booth + Retour + Relais
.AGENCY RSI esp. mobile phone
.AGENCY Hybrid esp. roll-ins
.Telephone / VOIP
.Non-Met FR

As a Translator, his specialisms are similar, and he is ISO-17100:2015 Qualified Translator, bi-qualified in English by both ITI and CIOL, the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

For his French Voice work, he is a U.K. Actors’ Equity Full Member), and also offers skills in live satellite voice-over, film interpreting/impro, and other cross-over interpreting/acting domains. Some voice samples are included on this site.  Yves has also taught and examined extensively on Undergraduate and Masters courses in interpreting and translation at UK universities and F.E. and similar institutions, and he holds a U.K. Research Doctorate underscoring his translation and interpreting work in the psychological, psychoanalytical and educational fields.

Yves works mostly with ITI and AIIC Conference Interpreter members. He is an AAC FR<>EN/ES*, offering retour and relais on his AA. His preference, as seen above, is for classic Booth work over RSI, hybrid and other electronic media.

He can often assist as a Consultant with interpreter searches, team assembling, voice and visual casting, studio directing, and voice project management.

He accepts Conference Interpreting (C.I.) missions from accredited Conference Organisers, and  C.I. colleagues.

 *Translation work from Spanish into French, but not into Spanish.