Choosing interpreters

This can be fun, but also tricky: getting the right Conference Interpreters for the right occasion can make a great deal of difference to repeat business, the success of a conference or trade event or, anecdotally, avoiding military, industrial or legal conflict, to mention but a few examples.

As well as supra-national interpreting entities, Professional Associations you can refer to directly, online, include the UK’s leading national body for the professional qualification of  Conference Interpreters, which is the Institute of Translation and Interpreting——whose pull-down menus will help you contact interpreters without the use of intermediary agencies.

Interpreters working “en cabine” will very often have a number of regular booth partners, and be able to recommend a colleague, or several in multilingual settings.

 This is useful information, as academic conferences, international congresses, trade shows (and therefore, interpreters), are most often booked far in advance.

Yves joined ITI in 1987 and is a Qualified Member (Conference Interpreting)