I am happy to receive e-mailed script from which to audition by e-mail. Please let me know in which format you would like the audition file returned.

* Please note that as a responsible professional actor and for copyright and associated reasons I am not posting previously-broadcast work here, but can arrange for your access to BBC and other sources.

Sample "Types" - please ask for a .mp4 file by e-mail

Voice Type

Broad Description

French Country Bumpkin

– L’accent méridional (Southern France)

Paris Taxi Driver

(Comedy) French-accented English (EuroTrash)

(Comedy) English-accented French

French News Titles at 13.00

Tourist Office Paris

Children’s Story, Narration

Le Hard-Sell (Spoof)

Literary, + Other Languages
– 882 A.D., Old French (Ste. Eulalie)

Literary, + Other Languages
Verlaine poem – soft brown voice

Literary, + Other Languages
Modern Irish

Literary, + Other Languages
Standard Spanish (Castillian)

Some Rates

These indicative rates are for Broadcast work under Equity contracts, falling into the Educational field (only, here).  For other e.g. commercial casting please contact me direct. Rates are subject to policed International Broadcasting Agreements nothing to do with EU/Brexit.

Band A - Half-day session minimum fee
Band A - Full day session minimum fee
Band A - Half-day minimum solo fee
Band A - Full day session minimum solo fee
Band B - Half-day rate
Band B - Full day rate
Band C - Half-day rate
Band C - Full day rate
Band D - Half-day rate
Band D - Full day rate